Something You Should Knew About Your Dog’s Paws

There are sweat glands in your dog’s paws.

Dogs produce sweat on parts of their bodies not covered with furs, like the nose and the pads of their feet.The inner layer of skin on a dog’s paw contains sweat glands – cooling the hot dog down. And like humans, when a dog is nervous or stressed, their paw pads may be moist.

Paw Pads are pink when they are puppies

Dogs’ paws are usually pink when they’re born, When they grow up, the outer skin of their paws pads get tougher, the paws will change to black. Usually, dogs’ paws are a mix of pink and black stains when they’re around 6 months of age. This means their paw pads are getting tougher, so they can more comfortably walk and run anywhere.

Trimming Her Nails

If a dog’s nails are clicking when she walks or gets snagged easily, she is in need of having them trimmed. The nails should barely skim the ground, you can buy a nail clipper for your dog. Most vets offer this service if the owner does not know how to do it themselves. The hair in between the paw pads does cause matting if not trimmed regularly. You can comb the hair out and trim so they’re even with the pads. Check for pebbles or other debris while trimming.

Licking or chewing their paws

If your dog licks their paws, she may be suffering from boredom or a behavioral problem such as anxiety. so she licks his pad to ease her mood. To alleviate boredom, try taking your dog for more walks, runs, or playtime with you and with other dogs to use up more mental and physical energy. Give her safe chew rope toys to take her focus away from her paws.

Cracked or dry pads

If your dog’s skin gets dry, a common problem in colder weather when central heating lowers humidity in the home,her pads can get cracked and crusty.Apply a thin layer of protective balm to the pads is very necessary. There are many safe, commercial brands available.

Post time: Nov-02-2020