Pet Comb
  • Flea Comb For Cat

    Flea Comb For Cat

     The every tooth of this flea comb is finely polished, won’t scratch your pets’ skin while easily removing lice, flea, mess, mucus, stain etc.

    The Flea combs have high-quality stainless steel teeth tightly embedded in the ergonomic grip.

    The round end of the teeth can penetrates the undercoat without hurting your cat.

  • Pet Lice Tweezer Tick Remover Clip

    Pet Lice Tweezer Tick Remover Clip

    Our tick remover helps you get your furry buddy parasite-free impressively fast.
    Just latch, twist and pull. It’s that easy.

    Remove pesky ticks in seconds without leaving any of their parts behind.

  • Pet Flea Comb For Dog And Cat

    Pet Flea Comb For Dog And Cat

    The pet flea comb is made of good-quality stainless steel and plastic, with sturdy rounded-end teeth head won’t hurt your pet’s skin.
    This pet flea comb has long Stainless Steel teeth it is suitable for long and thick hair dogs and cats.
    The pet flea comb is a perfect gift for promotion.

  • Long And Short Teeth Pet Comb

    Long And Short Teeth Pet Comb

    1. Long and short Stainless Steel Teeth strong enough to effectively remove knots & mats.
    2. High-quality static-free stainless steel teeth and smooth needle safety does not hurt pet.
    3. It has been enhanced with a non-slip handle to help avoid accidents.
  • Pet Hair Grooming Rake Comb

    Pet Hair Grooming Rake Comb

    The pet hair grooming rake comb has metal teeth, It removes loose hair from the undercoat and helps prevent tangles and mats in dense fur.
    The pet hair grooming rake is best for dogs and cats with thick fur or dense double coats.
    The ergonomic non-slip handle gives you maximum control.

  • Professional Pet Comb

    Professional Pet Comb

    • The aluminum spine is enhanced by the anodizing process which converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.
    • This professional pet comb is also outfitted with rounded pins. No sharp edges. No scary scratching.
    • This comb is the go-to grooming tool for pro & DIY pet groomers.
  • Pet Detangling Hair Brush

    Pet Detangling Hair Brush

    Pet Detangling Hair Brush Pet detangling hair brush with stainless steel teeth gently grabs the undercoat will run through matted fur, remove mats, tangles, loose hair and undercoat easily. Our pet detangling hair brush not only works great as a de-matting brush or detangling comb, but you can also use it as an undercoat comb or de-shedding rake. This pet detangling hair brush can cut a matt or tangle then be used as a de-shedding brush or de-shedding comb. Ergonomic lightweight handle and no...
  • pet lice removal comb

    pet lice removal comb

    Pet Lice Removal Comb

    Use this pet lice removal comb and brush your pet regularly can effectively remove fleas, mites, ticks, and dandruff flakes to keep your pet healthy and well-groomed. It also helps monitor the condition of your pet’s skin and coat.

    The stainless steel teeth have been polished, smooth, and round, it will not hurt your pet.

    We recommend this pet lice removal comb to be used on cats, dogs, and any other equivalent size animals.

  • pet grooming flea comb

    pet grooming flea comb

    Pet Grooming Flea Comb

    1.Closely-spaced metal pins of this pet grooming flea comb can easily remove fleas, flea eggs, and debris from your pet’s coat.

    2.Teeth are manufactured with rounded ends so it will not damage or scratch your pet’s skin.

    3.Pet grooming flea comb grooms and massages for a healthy coat, increasing blood circulation effectively.

    4.Professional groomers recommend combing your pet regularly to maintain a healthy coat.

  • Flea Comb For Dog

    Flea Comb For Dog

    Flea Comb For Dog

    1.With sturdy stainless tooth, easy to remove tangles, crust, mucus, and tear stains around your pets’ eyes, This flea comb for dog also can be used to check and remove fleas, lice, and ticks for your pets.

    2.The well-designed handle doesn’t slip and makes it easy and safe to clean the corner area such as dog eyes.

    3.This flea comb for dog is easy to clean, you can just wipe it off with a tissue and rinse it.

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