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  • Self Clean Dog Pin Brush

    Self Clean Dog Pin Brush

    1.This self cleaning pin brush for dogs is made of stainless steel,so it is very durable.

    2.The self clean dog pin brush is designed to penetrate deep into your pet’s coat without scratching your pet’s skin.

    3.The self clean dog pin brush for dogs will also leave your pet with a soft and shiny coat after use while massaging them and improving blood circulation.

    4.With regular use,this self clean dog pin brush will reduce shedding from your pet easily.

  • Dog Pin Brush

    Dog Pin Brush

    Stainless steel pin head brush is suitable for small puppy Havanese and Yorkies, and large German shepherd dogs.

    This dog pin brush removes shedding tangles from your pets, there are balls on the end of the pins it can increase blood circulation, leaving the pet’s fur soft and shiny.

    The soft handle keeps hands comfortable and safe, easy to hold.

  • Self cleaning dog pin brush

    Self cleaning dog pin brush

    Self cleaning dog pin brush

    1.Brushing your pet’s coat is one of the most important steps in the grooming process.

    2.Self cleaning dog pin brush can be easy adjusted for your pet’s specific needs,helps keep the skin clean and reduce shedding.Its patented design has won numerous awards for its gentle grooming and one touch cleaning.

    3.Self cleaning dog pin brush features a self-cleaning mechanism that makes the hair-releasing in one easy offers a professional service for dogs and cats.Grooming your pet has never been so easy.

    4.It’s workable and perfect for wet & dry grooming.

  • Pet Grooming Tools For Dogs

    Pet Grooming Tools For Dogs

    Pet Grooming Tools For Dogs 

    1.The pet grooming tool for dogs is great for detangling and loosening dead undercoat. Ideal for short, medium and long-haired dogs.

    2.The pins on the comb are designed with rounded ends to make it safe on your pet’s sensitive skin.The pins lay against a soft, breathable cloth that provides plenty of movement for the pins to take the shape of your pet’s body.

    3.Our brush grooms and massages for a healthy coat, increasing blood circulation effectively.