Waste Bags Dispenser
  • Dog Waste Bag Holder

    Dog Waste Bag Holder

    This dog waste bag holder has 15 bags(one roll), the poop bag is thick enough and leakproof.

    The poop rolls fit perfectly in a dog waste bag holder. It is easy loading means you won’t be stuck without bags.

    This dog waste bag holder is perfect for owners who love taking their dog or puppy to the park, on long walks or trips around town.

  • Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

    Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

    The dog poop bag dispenser conveniently connects to retractable leashes, belt loops, bags, etc.

    One size fits any our retractable dog leash.

    This dog poop bag dispenser included 20 bags (one roll); any standard sized rolls can be used to replace.