Massage Bathing Tool
  • Dog Bath Shower Brush

    Dog Bath Shower Brush

    1. This heavy-duty dog bath shower brush easily removes loose hair and lint without catching on tangles and causing discomfort to your dog. The flexible rubber bristles act as a magnet for dirt, dust, and loose hair.

    2. This dog bath shower brush has a rounded tooth, It does not hurt the dog skin.

    3. Dog Bath Shower Brush can be used to massage your pets, and pets will start to relax under the brush’s motion.

    4. The innovative non-slip grip side, you can firm the grip when you massage your dog, even in the bath.

  • Pet Hair Grooming Bathing And Massage Brush

    Pet Hair Grooming Bathing And Massage Brush

    1.Pet Hair Grooming Bathing And Massage Brush can be used both wet or dry It can be used not only as a bath brush for cleaning pet hair, but also as a massage tool for two purposes.

    2.Made of high quality TPE materials,soft,high elasticity and non-toxic.With considerate design,easy to hold and easy to use.

    3.Soft long teeth can clean deeply and care for the skin,it can removes loose hair and dirt gently, increasing blood circulation and leaves your pet’s coat soft and shiny.

    4.The square teeth in the top can massages and cleans pets’ face,paws and so on.

  • Dog Bathing Massage Brush

    Dog Bathing Massage Brush

    Dog Bathing Massage Brush has soft rubber pins, it can instantly attract loose and shed fur from your pet’s coat while your pet is being massaged or bathed. It works great on dogs and cats with all sizes and hair types!

    Rubberized comfort grip tips on the side of dog bathing massage brush provide you great control even when the brush is wet.the brush can help eliminate tangles and snarls of dead skin, making the coat clean and healthy.

    After brushing your pet, just simply flush this dog bathing massage brush with water. Then it’s ready for the next time use.

  • Dog And Cat Shower Massage Brush

    Dog And Cat Shower Massage Brush

    1.Dog And Cat Shower Massage Brush can be both used in wet or dry condition, not only can be used as pet massage brush ,but also can be used as pet bath brush

    2.Dog And Cat Shower Massage Brush selects TPR materials, has perfect cute design, nontoxic and anti allergies ,has well elasticity and hard-wearing quality.

    3.Dog And Cat Shower Massage Brush has long and intensive rubber bristles , which can go deep into pet’s hair. The rubber bristles could help remove excess hair, at the same time , down to the skin to massage and stimulate circulation, make pet’s hair healthy and bright.

    4.The back side design of this product could be used to remove excess hair or short-hair pets

  • Pet Bath Rubber Brush

    Pet Bath Rubber Brush

    1. This brush’s soothing rubber bristles not only help to gently deshed your furry friend’s coat but also work by massaging in shampoo during bath time.

    2. Used dry, The rubber pins of this pet bath brush gently massage the skin to stimulate oils for a shiny, healthy coat

    3. When the coat is wet, the soft pins of this brush massage the shampoo into the dog’s coat, increasing its effectiveness and relaxing the dog’s muscles.

    4. Pet bath rubber brush has an ergonomic non-slip handle, comfortable to hold. Good for long time use.

  • Dog Shampoo Grooming Brush

    Dog Shampoo Grooming Brush

    1.This Dog Shampoo Grooming Brush is very easy to hold and suitable for the owners who give the bath for the pets by themselves.

    2.This dog shampoo grooming brush has soft bristles,it will not hurt the fur and skin and you can remove your pet’s shed hair easily.

    3.With a small circle storage, you won’t have to reach out for the shampoo and soap while bathing your pet. This brush can be used to take a bath and also massage for dogs.

    4.Just brushing your pet slightly, this dog shampoo grooming brush can make rich foam to let the dog be cleaner than other common brush.

  • Cat Hair Remover Brush

    Cat Hair Remover Brush

    1.This cat hair remover brush removes dead hair loose and spill hair of pets keeps your pet well-groomed.

    2.The cat hair remover brush is made of soft rubber with little bulge design, using the electrostatic principle to absorb hair.

    3.It can be used to massage your pets and pets will start to relax under the movement of the cat hair remover brush.

    4.The brush is suitable for all sizes of dogs and cats. It is a convenient pet supply and easy to use, keep your room clean and pet healthy.

  • Dog Wash Shower Sprayer

    Dog Wash Shower Sprayer

    1.This dog wash shower sprayer combine bath brush and water sprayer.It not only can take shower for pet, but also massage.It like giving your dog a mini spa experience.

    2.Professional dog wash shower sprayer, unique contoured shape designed to wash dogs of all sizes and types.

    3.Two removable faucet adapters,install and remove easily indoor or outdoor.

    4.The dog wash shower sprayer greatly reduces water and shampoo consumption when compared with traditional bathing methods.