Dematting Deshedding
  • Pet Fur Shedding Brush

    Pet Fur Shedding Brush

    1.This pet fur shedding brush reduce shedding by up to 95%.The Stainless-steel curved blade with long and short teeth,will not to hurt your pet,and it is easily reaches through the topcoat to the undercoat beneath.
    2.Push down button to easily remove the loose hairs from the tool, so you don’t have to hassle with cleaning it.
    3.The retractable blade can be hidden after grooming,safe and convenient ,making it ready for the next time use.
    4.The pet fur shedding brush with ergonomic non-slip comfortable handle which prevents grooming fatigue.

  • Stainless Steel Dog Undercoat Rake Comb

    Stainless Steel Dog Undercoat Rake Comb

    The stainless steel dog undercoat rake comb with 9 serrated stainless steel blades gently removes loose hair, and eliminates tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt.

  • Professional dog undercoat rake comb

    Professional dog undercoat rake comb

    1.The professional dog undercoat rake comb’s rounded blades are made of strong stainless steel for maximum durability. The rake comb is extra wide and has 20 loose blades.
    2.The undercoat rake will never hurt or irritate your pet’s skin. The rake comb has rounded blade edges for a gentle touch  it will feel like massaging to your dog.
    3.Professional dog undercoat rake comb will not only save you from the mess of shedding hair, it will make your pets fur look shiny and beautiful.
    4.This The professional dog undercoat rake comb is a very effective tool for pet shedding.

  • Pet Dematting Rake Comb For Dog

    Pet Dematting Rake Comb For Dog

    You can master your dematting skill without shortening coat length. This spunky and short pet dematting rake comb for dog will cut through stubborn matts, so you can get on with your grooming routine quickly.
    Before you comb your pet ,you should examine the pet coat and look for tangles. Gently break out the matt and brush it out with this pet dematting rake comb for dog. When you groom your dog ,please always comb in the direction of hair growth.
    Please start with the 9 teeth side for stubborn tangles and matts. And finish with the 17 teeth side for thinning and deshedding to reach the best grooming result.
    This pet dematting rake comb perfectly suits for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and all hairy pets.

  • Dematting Tools For Long Haired Dogs

    Dematting Tools For Long Haired Dogs

    1.Dematting tool for Long Haired Dogs with thick,wiry or curly hair.
    2.Sharp but safe stainless steel blades gently removes loose hair and eliminates tangles and tough mats.
    3.Special rounded end blades that are designed to protect your pet skin and massages for a healthy, soft and shiny coat.
    4.Ergonomic and non-slip soft handle, comfortable to use and prevents wrist strain.
    5.This dematting tool for long haired dog is strong and durable comb will last for years.

  • Dematting Comb For Cats And Dogs

    Dematting Comb For Cats And Dogs

    1.The stainless steel teeth are rounded It protects your pet’s skin but still break up knots and tangles while being gentle on your cat’s.

    2.Dematting comb for cat has a comfort grip handle,it helps keep you comfortable and in control during grooming.

    3.This dematting comb for cat is great for grooming medium to long haired cat breeds who are prone to tangly, knotty hair.

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