Dog Collar
  • Cute Cat Collar

    Cute Cat Collar

    Cute cat collars are made from super soft polyester,it is very comfortable.

    Cute cat collars have breakaway buckles that will automatically open if your cat gets stuck. This quick release feature ensures your cat’s safety especially outside.

    This cute cat collars with Bells.It will be the best gift for your kitten,whether it’s in normal times or on festivals.

  • Breathable Dog Bandana

    Breathable Dog Bandana

    The dog bandanas are made from polyester, which is durable and breathable, they are thin and lightweight keeping your dogs comfortable, it is also not easy to fade and can be washable and reusable.

    The dog bandana is designed for Christmas day, they are cute and fashionable, put it on your dog and enjoy funny holiday activities together.

    These dog bandanas are suitable for most medium and large dogs, they can be folded over multiple times just right to fit puppies even for cats.

  • Padded Dog Collar And Leash

    Padded Dog Collar And Leash

    The dog collar is made of nylon with padded neoprene rubber material. This material is durable, fast dries, and ultra soft.

    This padded dog collar has quick-release premium ABS-made buckles, easy to adjust the length and put it on/off.

    Highly reflective threads keep high visibility at night for safety. And you can easily find your furry pet in the backyard at night.

  • Patterned Nylon Dog Collar

    Patterned Nylon Dog Collar

    1.Patterned nylon dog collar combines fashion and function. It is made with premium plastic and steel components for maximum durability.

    2.The patterned nylon dog collar matched with the function of reflective material. It keeps the dog safe because it can be seen from 600 feet away by reflecting light.

    3.This patterned nylon dog collar has a steel and heavy welded D-ring .it is sewn into the collar for leash connection.

    4.Patterned nylon dog collar comes in multiple sizes with adjustable slides that are easy to use, so you can get the exact fit your pup needs for security and comfort.

  • Reflective Fabric Dog Collar

    Reflective Fabric Dog Collar

    The reflective fabric dog collar is designed with nylon webbing and soft, breathable mesh. This premium collar is lightweight and helps reduce irritation and rubbing.

    Reflective fabric dog collar is also designed with a reflective helps keep your pup safe by boosting her visibility during nighttime walks.

    This reflective fabric dog collar has a high-quality D rings. When you go out with your pup, just attach the leash to the durable stainless-steel ring and take on a stroll with comfort and ease.