Deshedding Tool
  • Pet Fur Shedding Brush

    Pet Fur Shedding Brush

    1.This pet fur shedding brush reduce shedding by up to 95%.The Stainless-steel curved blade with long and short teeth,will not to hurt your pet,and it is easily reaches through the topcoat to the undercoat beneath.
    2.Push down button to easily remove the loose hairs from the tool, so you don’t have to hassle with cleaning it.
    3.The retractable blade can be hidden after grooming,safe and convenient ,making it ready for the next time use.
    4.The pet fur shedding brush with ergonomic non-slip comfortable handle which prevents grooming fatigue.

  • Dual Head Dog Deshedding Tool

    Dual Head Dog Deshedding Tool

    1.The dual head dog deshedding tool with uniformly distributed teeth to quickly remove dead or loose undercoat hairs, knots and tangles for better grooming results.

    2.The dual head dog deshedding tool not only removes dead undercoat, but also provides skin massage to stimulate skin blood circulation.The teeth are designed to penetrate deep into the coat without scratching your pets’ skin.

    3.The dual head dog deshedding tool is ergonomic with anti-slip soft fits perfectly in hand. No more hand or wrist strain for as long as you brush your pet.

  • Dog Shedding Blade Brush

    Dog Shedding Blade Brush

    1.Our dog shedding blade brush has an adjustable and locking blade with handles that can be separated to create up to a 14 inch long shedding rake making it faster and easier to use.

    2.This dog shedding blade brush can safely & quickly removes loose pet hair to reduce shedding. You can groom your pet at home.

    3.There is a locks on the handle ,it makes sure that the blade won’t move while grooming

    4.The dog shedding blade brush reduces shedding by up to 90% with only one 15 minute grooming session a week.

  • DeShedding Tool For Dogs

    DeShedding Tool For Dogs

    1.Deshedding Tool For Dogs with stainless steel edge reaches through topcoat to safely and easily remove loose hair and also can effectively comb deeper fur and stimulate the skin blood circulation.

    2.The deshedding tool for dogs has a curved stainless steel blade, It is perfect to animal body line that your lovely pets will more enjoy grooming process, suitable for cats and dogs and other animals with short or long hair.

    3.This deshedding tool for dogs with a nifty little release button, just one click to clean and remove 95% hair from the teeth, save your time to clean the comb.

  • Dog And Cat Deshedding Tool Brush

    Dog And Cat Deshedding Tool Brush

    Dog And Cat Deshedding Tool Brush is fast, easy and a quick way to remove and reduce your pet’s undercoat in minutes.

    This Dog And Cat Deshedding Tool Brush can be used on dogs or cats, big or small. Our Dog And Cat Deshedding Tool Brush reduces shedding by up to 90% and removes tangled and matted hair without stressful tugging.

    This Dog And Cat Deshedding Tool Brushes loose hair, dirt and debris from your pet’s coat keeping it shiny and healthy!