• Professional Dog Nail Clippers

    Professional Dog Nail Clippers

    These professional dog nail clippers are available in two sizes—small/medium and medium/large, you can find the proper nail clipper for your pets.

    The Professional Dog Nail Clippers designed with stainless-steel blades that are engineered to help maintain a sharp edge.

    The semi-circular indentations in both blades allow you to see exactly where you’re cutting your pet’s nails.

    The handles of this professional dog nail clippers are coated with rubber for precision and control to help you and your pet have a less stressful and more comfortable nail-cutting experience.

  • Led Light Pet Nail Clipper

    Led Light Pet Nail Clipper

    1.The Led light pet nail clipper has one super bright LED Lights illuminate nails for safe trimming,3*LR41 batteries can be easy found on the market
    2.Blades should be replaced when the user notices a drop-in performance. This led light pet nail clipper can replace the blades.Simply push the blade replacement lever change the blade,convenient and easy.
    3.The led light pet nail clippers are made out of high quality stainless steel sharp blades, it is powerful enough to trim your dogs or cats nails with just one cut, it will stay sharp for years to come for stress-free, smooth,quick and sharp cuts.
    4.Free mini nail file included to file the sharp nails after cutting your dogs and cats nails.

  • Large Dog Nail Clipper

    Large Dog Nail Clipper

    1.Professional large dog nail clipper used 3.5mm stainless steel sharp blades.It is powerful enough to trim your dogs nails smoothly with just one cut. 

    2. Large dog nail clipper has a safety lock to prevent children from using it and also for safe storage.

    3.Our large dog nail clippers is super easy to use which will allow you to take care of your pet right at home.

  • Heavy Duty Dog Nail Clipper

    Heavy Duty Dog Nail Clipper

    1. The stainless steel heavy duty dog nail clipper blades provide a long-lasting, sharp cutting edge to trim your pets nails safely and accurately.

    2. Heavy-duty dog nail clipper features an angled head, it can greatly reduce the risk of cutting nails too short.

    3. The sturdy lightweight handle built-in spring, it provides you easy and fast cut, which stay safely in your hands to reduce the risk of pet injury.

  • Dog Nail Clipper With Safety Guard

    Dog Nail Clipper With Safety Guard

    1. Dog Nail Clipper With Safety Guard is made from the finest quality stainless steel which will give you a long-lasting, sharp cutting edge that will stand the test of time.

    2. Features a double-bladed cutter with a tension spring that helps ensure a swift clean cut.

    3. Uniquely designed to offer you a non-slip, comfortable grip that will allow you to maintain control when trimming your dog’s nails. This will also help prevent any painful accidents.

    4. The dog nail clipper with a safety guard is great for both professional groomers and pet parents alike.It is great for left or right-hand use.

  • Dog Grooming Nail Clipper

    Dog Grooming Nail Clipper

    1. Dog grooming nail clipper is specially designed for pet nail trimming and maintenance. Nail grooming at home for dogs and cats.

    2. The 3.5mm stainless steel sharp blades ensure a smooth and clean-cut and the sharpness will stay for years.

    3. This dog grooming nail clipper has a comfortable, non-slip, and ergonomic handles, it can prevent accidental nicks and cuts.

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