Pet Brush

  • Dog Grooming Slicker Brush

    Dog Grooming Slicker Brush

    1. Product Introduction of dog grooming slicker brush dog grooming slicker brush removes loose hair and penetrate deep into the coat to safely eliminate tangles, dander and dirt, then leaves a soft, shiny coat for your pets.The pet slicker brush is designed with comfort-grip...Read More
  • Pet Stainless Steel Brush

    Pet Stainless Steel Brush

    1. product Introduction of pet stainless steel brush P et stainless steel brush are crafted from the high quality stainless steel. features gentle, stainless steel pins for easy clean up. Frequent brushing helps prevent hair balls and enhances the coat's natural luster....Read More
  • Short Hair Dog Brush

    Short Hair Dog Brush

    1. Product Introduction of short hair dog brush Our short hair dog brush is a relatively small and lightweight, oval-shaped brush, designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. This design will likely reduce the amount of fatigue you feel. feature short nubs to drag...Read More
  • Curved Wire Slicker Brush

    Curved Wire Slicker Brush

    1. product Introduction of curved wire slicker brush C urved wire slicker brush curved Millers Forge slicker brush effectively remove mats, loose hair and debris from coats. Fine stainless-steel pins glide easily through coat and are gentle for even sensitive skin. The...Read More
  • Deshedding Brush For Dogs

    Deshedding Brush For Dogs

    1.Product Introduction of deshedding brush for dogs Deshedding brush for dogs works by gently removing loose hair and undercoat leaving your pet's top coat unscathed.It is built with a sturdy stainless steel edge for extended use and an easy to use ergonomic, non slip...Read More
  • Elastic Head Double Sided Pet Brush

    Elastic Head Double Sided Pet Brush

    1. Product Introduction of Elastic Head Double Sided Pet Brush Elastic Head Double Sided Pet Brush works for pets with single and double coats and give you the flexibility .Flexible brush heads produce less stress on your hands and wrists than traditional fixed slicker...Read More
  • Long Hair Dog Brush

    Long Hair Dog Brush

    1. product Introduction of the long hair dog brush The self-cleaning brush is one of the best slicker brushes for long haired dogs.Simply click the button and the pins retract for faster cleaning,it helps you save time spent untangling hairs from the brush.If you need a long...Read More
  • Dog Hair Brush

    Dog Hair Brush

    1. product Introduction of the dog hair brush The slicker and bristle dog hair brush is two tools in one.This type of brush works with all coat types.Fine bent high density bristles, go deep into your pet's thick hair without scratching their skin! Gently removes loose...Read More
  • Puppy Slicker Brush

    Puppy Slicker Brush

    1. product Introduction of the puppy slicker brush The puppy slicker brush works to easily remove dead, unwanted hair. This helps to prevent tangles and mats, which keeps your puppy comfy and looking sharp! The silicone handle is soft that ’ s great when grooming those...Read More
  • Professional Dog Grooming Brushes

    Professional Dog Grooming Brushes

    1. product Introduction of the professional dog grooming brushes The professional dog grooming brush has 19 rotate pins.Every teeth rotate 360 to reduce pulling hair while combing.Easy grip handle use anti-slip Material,it makes more safer and comfortable when you grooming....Read More
  • Cat Slicker Brush

    Cat Slicker Brush

    1.Product Introduction of the cat slicker brush Cat slicker brush is designed to catch loose fur and gently remove it before it gets tangled up in the new layers of fur, preventing mats and knots from forming. The pins of the brush are soft and bendy, and glide through the...Read More
  • Pin Brush For Dogs

    Pin Brush For Dogs

    1. product Introduction of pin brush for dogs Pin brush for dogs help to lift out loose hair and debris. Brushing distributes natural oils, leaving a shiny, healthy coat. Pinhead bristles provides greater pet comfort during grooming while giving the groomer comfort with the...Read More
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