Pet Toys
  • Treat Dog Ball Toy

    Treat Dog Ball Toy

    This treat dog ball toy is made of natural rubber, bite-resistant and non-toxic, non-abrasive, and safe for your pet.

    Add your dog’s favorite food or treats into this treat dog ball, it will easy to attract your dog’s attention. 

    Tooth-shaped design, can effectively help clean your pets’ teeth and keep their gums healthy.

  • Squeaky Rubber Dog Toy

    Squeaky Rubber Dog Toy

    The squeaker dog toy is designed with a built-in squeaker that creates fun sounds during chewing, making chewing more exciting for dogs.

    Made of non-toxic, durable, and eco-friendly rubber material, which is soft and elastic. Meanwhile, this toy is safe for your dog.

    A rubber squeaky dog toy ball is a great interactive toy for your dog.

  • Fruits Rubber Dog Toy

    Fruits Rubber Dog Toy

    The dog toy is made of premium rubber, the middle part can be stuffed with dog treats, peanut butter, pastes, etc for a tasty slow feeding, and fun treats toy that attracts dogs to play.

    Real size fruits shape makes the dog toy more attractive and effective.

    Your dog’s favorite dry dog treats or kibble can be used in these interactive treat dispensing dog toys. Rinse in warm soapy water and dry after use.

  • Rubber Dog Toy Ball

    Rubber Dog Toy Ball

    100% non-toxic natural rubber dog toy with light vanilla flavor is very safe for dogs to chew on. The uneven surface design can better clean the dog’s teeth. This dog toothbrush chew toy can not only clean teeth but also massage gums, bring dog dental care.

    Keep dogs’ mentally and physically stimulated and, most importantly, away from shoes and furniture. Reduce and redirect chewing behavior and anxiety.

    Improve training dogs jumping and reaction ability, throwing and fetch games improve their intelligence, Rubber dog toy ball is a great interactive toy for your dog.

  • Christams Cotton Rope Dog Toy

    Christams Cotton Rope Dog Toy

    The Christmas cotton rope dog toys are made of high-quality cotton fabric which is comfortable and safe for your pets to chew and play.

    Christmas dog chew rope toys will help your pet to forget boredom – just let the dog tug or chew these ropes all day, They feel happier and healthier.

    Puppy chew toys will relieve the pain of inflamed gums of your teething puppy and will serve as fun rope chew toys for dogs.

  • Cotton Rope Puppy Toy

    Cotton Rope Puppy Toy

    The uneven surface TPR combine with the strong chew rope can better clean the front teeth.Durable, non-toxic, biting resistant, safe and washable.

  • Ball And Rope Dog Toy

    Ball And Rope Dog Toy

    The ball and rope dog toys are made by nature cotton fiber and non-toxic dyeing material,It doesn’t leave a stringy mess to clean up.

    Ball and rope dog toys are perfect for medium dogs and large dogs, which are of great fun and will entertain your dog for hours.

    The ball and rope dog toys are good for chewing and helps keep teeth gums clean and healthy Cleans teeth and massages gums, reducing plaque build-up and preventing gum disease.

  • Dog Interactive Toys

    Dog Interactive Toys

    This dog interactive toy is made of high-quality ABS and PC material, It is a stable, durable, non-toxic, and safe food container.

    This dog interactive toy has made-tumbler and inside bell design will arouse the dog’s curiosity, it can improve the dog’s intelligence by interactive play.

    Hard High quality plastic,BPA free,your dog will not break it easily. This is an interactive dog toy, not an aggressive chew toy, please suitable for small and medium dogs.

  • Cat Feeder Toys

    Cat Feeder Toys

    This cat feeder toy is a bone-shaped toy, food dispenser, and treats ball, all four features are built-in one toy.

    The special slowing eating inner structure may control the speed of your pet eating, This cat feeder toy avoids indigestion caused by overeating.

    This cat feeder toy has a transparent storage tank, it makes your pets to find the inside food easily..