Dog sleeping positions

Every pet owner wants to know more about their dogs, about their dog’s favorite sleeping position. The positions dogs sleep in, and the amount of time they spend napping can reveal a lot about how they’re feeling.

Here are some common sleeping positions and what they might mean.

On The Side


If you often see your dog sleeping in this sleeping position. This means they feel very comfortable and secure in their environment. Those dogs are usually happy, carefree, and very loyal. This position also leaves their limbs free to move during sleep, so you may see more twitching and leg kicks from a dog lying on their side.

Curled Up


This sleeping position is generally the most common.In fall and winter months when the weather is cool,dogs sleeping by this way,to help conserve warmth.

Sprawled Out On The Tummy


Dogs that sleep in this position, with their arms and legs outstretched and bellies down, are often a sign of good character.They are always full of energy, easy to encourage, and happy.This sleeping position is more common in puppies. It’s the position of choice for pups who get sleepy during play and just want to plop down where they’re standing.

On The Back, Paws Up In The Air


Sleeping with an exposed belly helps a dog cool off just like curling in a ball can conserve heat. Exposing these areas is a great way to beat the heat because the fur is thinner around the belly and the paws hold the sweat glands.

It’s also a position that indicates a dog is very comfortable, leaving their most sensitive areas vulnerable and it is hard to get on their feet quickly.A pup who most likely doesn’t have a care in the world will in this position. This sleeping position is common in the summer months.

For those dogs who prefer to sleep with their owners, it’s always safer to clean, comb, bathe and get vaccinated.

Post time: Nov-02-2020