Cat Body Language

Is your cat trying to tell you something? Help to better understand your cat’s needs by getting to know basic cat body language.


If your cat rolls over and exposes their belly, then it’s a sign of greeting and trust.


In extreme cases of fear or aggression, a cat will do the behavior — stretch up onto his toes and arch his back, to make himself appear as large as possible. His hair may stand up on his neck, back or tail.


It’s also one of the most common cat behaviors seen by cat owners.they will groom themself anytime,as well as they family.


At high levels of fear and stress, cats will also growl, hiss and spit. If those clear warnings are not heeded, the cat may strike or bite. 


Rubbing on people or the corners of furniture – particularly when you have just come home – is your cat’s way of scent marking. While it is a greeting of sorts, your cat is doing it because you smell strange to them and they want to make you more familiar.


A cat approaching you with its tail up pointing at the top is greeting you, often seen when they are coming home or when they want your attention. Make sure you acknowledge their greeting and give them a bit of fuss.

Post time: Dec-08-2020