Pet Flea Comb

  • Pet Hair Comb

    Pet Hair Comb

    1. product Introduction of pet hair comb Pet hair comb has two rows teeth,the long and short teeth featured on this 2-in-1 pet comb with handle are made out of solid stainless steel to ensure they're strong enough to effectively remove knots and mats.When you comb your...Read More
  • Flea Comb For Kittens

    Flea Comb For Kittens

    1. product Introduction of flea comb for kittens F lea comb for kittens are a grooming tool used to comb through your kittens' fur. the teeth of a flea comb are very finely spaced allowing the comb to physically trap and remove fleas, flea eggs and flea "dirt"...Read More
  • Flea Comb for Dogs

    Flea Comb for Dogs

    1. product Introduction Flea comb for dogs help to remove nits and other debris from your pet. Closely spaced metal pins easily remove fleas, flea eggs, and debris from the coat, It can also be used for removing debris around the eyes and mouth. An ergonomic handle with a...Read More
  • Dog Grooming Comb

    Dog Grooming Comb

    1. product Introduction Dog grooming comb demate tangles, move loose hair, and detangle hair balls, groom your pets with comb perfectly. This dual purpose comb features wide and narrow set teeth for both coarse and fine fur and hair. Made of high quality TPR material;...Read More
  • Flea Comb for Cats

    Flea Comb for Cats

    1. product Introduction Flea comb for cats have very fine teeth that would normally not go through a thick coat of hair, but they do separate the hairs well enough to find fleas and their droppings. Before using, groom your cat with a cat comb or brush to remove mats and...Read More
  • Dog Combs for Shedding

    Dog Combs for Shedding

    1. product Introduction Dog combs for shedding reaches deep beneath your dog's long topcoat to gently remove undercoat and loose hair. This brush features a gel-grip handle with a non-slip grip for maximum control as you groom your pup. Removes Dirt Dander and Debris from...Read More
  • Metal Flea Comb

    Metal Flea Comb

    1. product Introduction Metal flea comb has both fine and coarse combs in one tool for multi-purpose functionality. The rounded stainless steel teeth detangle and remove dead hair while lifting and fluffing coat. Finished with a hole cutout at the handled end, the flea combs...Read More
  • Plastic Flea Comb

    Plastic Flea Comb

    1. product Introduction Plastic flea comb is used to control fleas and identify skin and coat problems. It has double-sided row of teeth. On one side the pins are densely packed which is great to remove fleas, flea eggs, and debris, while on the other side, the wider spaced...Read More
  • Flea Comb for Long Hair Cats

    Flea Comb for Long Hair Cats

    1. product Introduction Flea comb for long hair cats can use in finding fleas and removing them from your cat’s skin.It is double sided,and to remove dead loose fur and keeps pet well-groomed,Keeps your pet well-groomed and gentle care of the pet's hair.The plastic,...Read More
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