Pet Dematting Brush

  • Dematting Brush for Dogs

    Dematting Brush for Dogs

    1. product Introduction Dematting brush for dogs easily removes mats, knots and tangles quickly. Its great for removing excess and loose fur, reduces shedding, remove tangles and mats with minimal tugging or skin irritation and so we are sure your pets will always be loving...Read More
  • Dematting Brush for Cats

    Dematting Brush for Cats

    1. product Introduction The dematting brush for cats with sharp but fine rounded teeth is to remove tangles,knots and mats. Pets are happy to be massaged each time. Undercoat rake removes excess dead undercoat that not only keeps pets in top-shape,but also increases blood...Read More
  • Dematting Rake Dog Grooming

    Dematting Rake Dog Grooming

    1. product Introduction Dematting rake dog grooming is an affordable and convenient option to assist in reducing shedding and matting. The rake has long, sharp blades which will separate the fur and dig through the coat thickness to draw the loose, moulted clumps out....Read More
  • Dog Grooming Dematting Tools

    Dog Grooming Dematting Tools

    1. product Introduction Dog grooming dematting tool is designed with long sharp teeth which prevents pulling hairs, and the fine rounded ends makes it safe on your pet's skin. No-scratch rounded outside teeth gently massage the pet skin, ensuring better blood circulation...Read More
  • Dematting Tools for Long Haired Dogs

    Dematting Tools for Long Haired Dogs

    1. product Introduction Dematting tools for long haired dogs designed to easily remove mats and tangles from a variety of coat types. It has two side, start with thinner side for stubborn mats and tangles while the thicker side for thinning and deshedding. Dog dematting combs...Read More
  • Pet Detangling Hair Brush

    Pet Detangling Hair Brush

    1. product Introduction Pet detangling hair brush is ideal for easy detangling and thinning - with curved tines and serrated edges. it's gentle, light and easy to use, The comfortable handle has a non-slip thumb rest. the ergonomic shape helps reduce wrist sprain during...Read More
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