Dog Shedding Brush

  • Pet Shedding Brush for Dogs

    Pet Shedding Brush for Dogs

    1. product Introduction The pet shedding brush for dogs is made to last through long years of effortless pet grooming! With the 100mm STAINLESS STEEL BLADE protected by a cover for your safety and the blade longevity .It is a long-lasting deshedding tool, a MUST-HAVE pet hair...Read More
  • Triangle Head Pet Shedding Brush

    Triangle Head Pet Shedding Brush

    1. product Introduction The triangle head pet shedding brush is our best tool for cutting and removing mats from the inner layers of your pets fur. This tool has long blades designed to cut through the toughest mats. Always use tool on an angle, holding the rubber handle...Read More
  • Pet Brushes for Shedding

    Pet Brushes for Shedding

    1. product Introduction The shedding blades easily remove loose and dead fur as well as undercoats. This shedding brush also significantly reduces shedding, mats and tangles,just press ejector button to ready for the next time use. The blades are easily replaceable. The pet...Read More
  • Dog Grooming Brush with Blade

    Dog Grooming Brush with Blade

    1. product Introduction The dog grooming brush with blade to make not more hair on your clothes and couches! Reduces shedding by up to 95% with only one 15 minute grooming session a week. Works great with our slicker brushes and combs for thinning, combing and brushing. Our...Read More
  • Rubber Dog Brush for Shedding

    Rubber Dog Brush for Shedding

    1. product Introduction Rubber dog brush for shedding, easy to clean, bath brushing comb is excellent for removing dust, loose and shedding hair while stimulating the production of your pets, adds sheen to the dog's coat and massages the skin. slip back allows to keep the...Read More
  • Pet Hair Remover Brush

    Pet Hair Remover Brush

    1.product Introduction The pet hair remover brush is 2 In 1 brush.One side the brush is work fine for dog and cat deshedding, safely and easily remove loose hair and dead undercoat. Other side the rake can remove mats, tangles. Brush and rake can free to switch, 2 modes...Read More
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